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By Cirrus
I've been lurking around these boards for years and finally joined last season, so it's time to emerge from the shadows and say Hey, Y'all!

I've been seriously carving since 2007, when I was fortunate live in a friendly neighborhood where people still trusted each other, and we always had tons of ToT-ers! I just got hooked. My husband hasn't been able to find his Dremel in about 7 years, and most of my tools are now nicer than his... but I do let him borrow mine once in a while. :wink:

My Patch of foamies is steadily growing and consists mostly of traditional, classic Halloween characters -- mostly cut-outs from a variety of sites, including ZP! (my fave for cut-outs), although I do shade a few. But my true love is carving REAL pumpkins, and I reserve my seasonal themes for those. I spend most of October working on the real thing. I just LOVE the feel of the flesh under my knife. I'm also a bit of a photo-buff, so my real 'kins go straight from carving table to photo shoot (a black blankie draped in front of a tripod in my kitchen), and they live on in digital memory.

I have carved my fair share of patterns from ZP! and other sites, but I've also tried my hand at my own shaded patterns with some decent results. I even managed to win a work-related national carving contest one year using an original pattern on a real 'kin.

I've learned so much from the users here; everyone is so supportive and friendly! There is an enormous amount of talent here, and I am always amazed and inspired by the photos. I am only semi-artsy, but other interests include hand-made jewelery (beads, wire, metal work), and home renovations -- more tool-intensive sports.

Happy Carving to all - looking forward to another great season of ZP! carves!
Cirrus! It pleases me to see you speak up with your introduction. I never ceases to amaze me how many avid pumpkin carving Halloween fans are out there. Every time someone new joins here I think, "Wow, there really are a lot of other weirdos like me." :lol: Sorry to imply that you're a weirdo, but you DID say, "I just LOVE the feel of the flesh under my knife." :o :wink:

You have all the right ideas... sticking to traditional Halloween designs for foam pumpkins, carving more seasonal specific things in the real pumpkins, and photographing your carves so they can live on forever in digital memory. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
Glad to have you in the patch. Your presence is most welcome. :)