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By chuckwagon
So, I have become really great friends with a coworker recently, and as it just so happens, she LOVES pumpkins, and halloween, and scary movies, and spooky stuff, and all the great and wonderful things that we here all enjoy!! She even has a bunch of awesome pumpkin tattoos! I had no clue about her interests (or that tats) until just a month or so ago when we had the pleasure of working one on one for an event in New Hampshire, and I kinda sorta helped show her the ropes with hard camera setup and operation... I digress... I ALWAYS wear my ZP! wristband(s) that Ryan sends out with Shocking Shop orders, and she asked me "What's the orange wristband for?"... Well, the rest is history, really, as I began telling her all about pumpkin carving, this website, this forum, showing her pics of my carves, told her about Ryan, and how he changes the site every year with new mascots, how i like to use Dremels, but others use hot knifes or Xacto kifes or whatever, about funkins, gemmies, etc etc. etc... She pulled up the site the same weekend during some of our downtime, and I think she fell in love with the magnitude of patterns, and the awesomeness that is ZP! So much, in fact, that she dropped the coinage for a full blown Monster Harvest!! I mean... WOW, right?! I was pretty shocked. Very happy, but shocked. She seems to be really looking forward to bangin' out her first ZP! pattern, so I'm anxiously awaiting a text, or FB upload with her first attempt! But anyway, I'm putting this here as a shout-out to her and a very warm welcome... I'm not 100% sure she has made an account for the forums yet, but when she does I know she's gonna have a total blast with all the rest of us Minions!!!!

Hey, Cat!! Welcome to the patch. You're gonna love it here. So many resources, and info. If I don't have the answers, you can trust that someone else here does!!
Thanks for spreading the word, chuckwagon. You're quite the ambassador for ZP! It's nice to know that those wristbands make a good enough conversation piece to get people talking about Zombie Pumpkins! I'll have to make more then. :lol: I'm almost out.

If you're here, welcome Cat! I can tell you already will fit in here.
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By SuperSonic
Glad to see more and more people show up each year. Welcome! :thumbsup: