Hey, what's new with you? Tell us about yourself.
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By BinaryOrc
Greetings all,

This feels all AA, but here goes.

My name is Mike and I am a carver. I have been carving ZP stencils for a couple of years, and figured I would actually join the forums this time around. Last year I did 9 pumpkins, and I hope to do 12 this year, but I am still trying to decide on a theme of sorts for them.

I am originally from Wisconsin, but now live in Nevada. Don't miss the winters, but now I HATE the summers.

I read, I game (video and p&p), I laugh with my fiancee, I try to make my 2 kids better people than me, and I slave away for the gubmint. IT Geek.

I love Halloween, and wish it would last for longer than just 1 day.

There. That is done. Thanks for having me!
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By Raven
Welcome to the forums! My husband is an IT geek so I feel your pain..sorta. He is also an Engineer, so I hope you feel my pain. :P
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Welcome, BinaryOrc. You are one of us now. I hope I can add some new patterns that will fit whatever pumpkin display theme you decide on. 12 pumpkins sounds like a perfect target.
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By SuperSonic
Welcome back! Hope to have you along for the ride!