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By Hottie McNaughty
Hello everyone! I hope you all are as excited for Halloween as I am this year. As many of you have also experienced, this has been a crazy year for me. Career wise, I started a new job in January of 2014 and to say that it going well would be an understatement. I'm on my third promotion and they are offering me my own team to build. Exciting!

On the other career front, The Rhinestone Housewife has really taken off this last year as well. Needless to say I have been busy, busy, busy! I made sure to take time off work so be able to carve pumpkins this year. Ya gotta have your priorities!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone has planned for this Halloween!

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By ghostface
Good to hear from you Hottie! Congrats on how well you are doing with your job! Can't wait to see your awesome carves this year!