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By Dredge
Hey minions. It's been a while since I posted, I had a.terrible car accident and nearly lost my foot, met someone, and a lot has changed. Here's my most recent before/after pic. And you guys need to catch up on my blog. Bigfatloserblog.com

I'll be more active on here this year! Image
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By Pumpken
Welcome back. I look forward to hearing from you this season. I hope you are fully recovered.
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By Lala
You look great! Awesome to "see" you :-)
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By Raven
You really do look amazing! As for the foot, I'm really sorry about it all and I can't imagine the pain, but I thank you for the completely gross and awesome pictures you posted on Facebook. I'm also sorry that you had to give up your Gallbladder. Obviously someone was demanding a body part sacrifice from you!
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By amandap80
You are looking great, and thank goodness you didn't lose your foot - scary!