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By ghostface
Finally welcoming you Alex! So.. Uh.. WELCOME! :D Your carves are amazing! So creative! And the puppies are so cute! Hope to see more carves as the season progresses and more updates. :thumbsup:
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By SuperSonic
Never thought of the stuff you did to Age of the ZP! and the Root of all Evil carves! Thats some cool stuff! Ryan, can these be featured in the galleries?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Alex, I love the way you add to the design by painting or embellishing the outside of the pumpkin. Ha, look at "Root of All Evil" with actual clouds and moss and spider webs. Really brings the design to life, even in bright light.

A Zombie Pumpkin mascot looks even more rotten with moss growing on him. Blood splatter on a zombie design is also a natural choice. I dabbled with this idea a little bit, I'd like to try more (and see others doing it too!)

I've seen the Rick Grime pumpkin aiming his gun at many targets, but finally here's one that is accurate, the zombie girl from the show. Based on your photos, you have so many cool props. Glad to have you on the forum!