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By Raven
I feel like I haven't seen Nosferatu posting in like...forever. I thought he was one of us minions that stuck around all year long, but maybe I was wrong about that. Although, I do have to admit a lot of times I read posts I don't always look to see who posted each reply.. so is he MIA or am I just not noticing him? Either way.. I miss him. :cry:

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By monstermash
He's here. Lurking. :twisted:
I think he is just swamped with life right now but I'm sure he'll come out of the shadows soon enough.

It is odd though isn't it when you notice an active member hasn't been so active. This forum does seem more like an extended family so it feels strange when were not all here.
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By SuperSonic
I have to concur. I haven't seen him around lately. It is very odd since we are near the site unveiling. :(

Nos-feratu! WHERE ARE YOU?!
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By amandap80
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:I think I know a way to make him stir from his crypt... :twisted:
This sounds promising!
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By paddy_babe
chuckwagon wrote:Maybe the lid on his coffin got stuck..."
lol! :lol:

It is nice that we're all one big Halloweeny family :D and I agree, non-active regulars do stick out, I'm sure most will return early Oct :)

:)= :)= :)=Nos we miss you! :)= :)= :)=
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By Kayo
he probably just took a vacation to refresh his grave dirt. :P many of us can't stay gone for long even if you don't see us
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By SaneInsideInsanity
Sometimes people just proof for a bit that's all XD
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By nosferatu
Hello. I am still in the land of the living, haven't quite shuffled off this mortal coil.....yet. Nice to be missed! I still visit the site daily and read through most posts but have to do so hurriedly. Being British, I naturally avoid all topics relating to artificial pumpkins. Unfortunately, I have been busy since the start of the new year and am likely to continue for the foreseeable future so won't be around or posting as much as I would like. Sadly, I won't be carving much either but I had planned on fewer carves anyway. There have been lots of posts I'd love to comment on but just don't have the time at the moment

This season seems to have gotten off to a great start already even before the big reveal, by the way Ryan, you have my permission to relaunch tomorrow, so many great and creative people on the forum. I can't wait to see more.
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By paddy_babe
Good to see you Nos :D Its a shame you can only pop on for a short time but it does sound like you're very busy! I avoid artificial pumpkin threads too, I wish we could get them over here.
nosferatu wrote: by the way Ryan, you have my permission to relaunch tomorrow
I second that!! :wink:
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By SuperSonic
And I third that option! Nice to see you back Nos, even if it is just for bits at a time. :thumbsup:
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By ghostface
Good to here from you Nos! I hope you get a few carves in here and there this Halloween season, even if there are only a few.

I agree as well! It would be more than fine with me for Ryan to launch the site tomorrow! :thumbsup: